Hockey News

March 3, 2022

a)        Regional 3rd place seed – no longer required

b)        Exhibition games will be permitted until March 20th only.

c)        Provincials – emails circulating requesting we host the usual round robin tournament.

MOTION that the usual round robin tournament be held to determine the NBIAA Hockey Provincials on March 25-27th, 2022.

Moved by: S. Hachey
Second by: J. Allain                                                                   CARRIED.

February 28, 2022
Associate players are permitted to attend practices.

February 24, 2022

a)      Provincial hosts are secured – finalizing games times and the website will be updated.

Regional 3rd place seed - To prepare for the possibility of a team being unable to advance due to Covid, we suggest that the 3rd & 4th place seeding games be played.  Teams will have up until March 23rd to determine their final Regional standings.

February 16, 2022

Hockey season

a)    Provincial format

MOTION to allow a provincial playdown and for each provincial host to secure ice on Saturday for two games and the final game on Sunday.

Moved by: S. Hachey
Second by: C. Shea                                                                   CARRIED.  

Saturday - #1 seeds from the Regionals vs. the #2 seeds from the opposite Regional
Sunday - Winners will advance to the provincial final

b)   Tournaments at Level 1 will not be permitted.


January 31, 2022

Hockey season

a)     Associate players – in accordance with HNB, Should a team be missing player(s), associates are permitted to replace the player during games. However, associate players are not permitted to attend practices, with the exception of goalies, who can replace a missing goalie at practice as well.’


January 26, 2022

Hockey season – Leagues will need to be creative in determining their top two teams and consultation will be required with each Athletic Director.  Votes on league advancement will follow By-Law Article 8, Section 1.
Exhibition games can be played until March 20th, but league games take precedence.  The Provincial dates will remain status quo for the weekend of March 25th.


December 2021

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