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March 3, 2022

a)      Senior Divisions – will be edited after reviewing any submitted reclassification and sent to the membership on March 4th.  If the Senior boys registration drops under 51 teams, it will be split into 3 Divisions.

b)      The game ball for Jr. & Sr. volleyball will be the V200W.  We have been advised that some companies have this volleyball on backorder.  If teams are unable to secure the new volleyball at the start of the season, the previous MVA200 may be used.  The V200W will be required for regional and provincial play.

December 2, 2021 - Mikasa will be providing the NBIAA with the new V200W ball within our partnership contract, as the current MVA200 ball is officially discontinued. Schools will be required to purchase and use the new ball for all games.

MOTION: To change the official game ball for Junior and Senior volleyball to the Mikasa V200W.


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April 1, 2015

Mikasa Named Official Volleyball and Sponsor for the NBIAA!

The NBIAA is pleased to announce the selection of Mikasa as its official indoor volleyball and sponsor.  Mikasa volleyballs are to be used for all NBIAA sanctioned events.

Felix Dion, President, Mikasa Sports Canada

“Mikasa Sports Canada is delighted to add New Brunswick Interscholastic Athletic Association to the growing list of provincial volleyball associations who have adopted Mikasa as their official indoor volleyball.  The NBIAA has demonstrated significant growth and we are confident that our Mikasa products will be well received by New Brunswick players and coaches.  In entering this agreement, Mikasa Sports Canada is committed to ensure that our products are affordably priced for the member schools of the NBIAA. We look forward to a positive and lengthy relationship with the New Brunswick Interscholastic Athletic Association.”

NBIAA, Executive Director, Allyson Ouellette

“Mikasa has redefined how volleyballs are manufactured by developing state of the art composite technology.  The International Volleyball Association (FIVB) recently recognized their status as a world leader for the excellence of their volleyball line by naming Mikasa as the official indoor and beach volleyball for FIVB.  The quality, durability and affordability of their volleyballs and other products will be highly regarded by our members.  We are delighted to partner with Mikasa Sports Canada.”